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About Us

Oz Beauty Quotes was developed in 2014 to simplify your search to find the right business, services, products and best prices available on the market through the Hair / Beauty / Make-up and the Cosmetics industry.

Are you tired of researching or asking for recommendations from friends or family to find the best business, service, product at the right price?

Well look no further. We have all your answers at your fingertips. Oz Beauty Quotes is your One Stop Shop directly into Hair / Beauty / Make-up and the Cosmetic Surgery industry.

We have designed a simple 3 step process which allows the customer to get 3 FREE quotes instantly in the selected area they require, sent directly to your phone via text or email. These quotes will come from local certified businesses in your area to allow you to find the best price and products available on the market.

As a customer you are not obliged to commit to any FREE quotes you are offered.

Our promise is that you will be so satisfied with the options available from the certified businesses that we recommend that the 3 FREE quotes you receive will be more than enough to help you select the service and price you require available on the market.

We look forward to expanding and taking this new company on a national and international level.  We hope you can enjoy and be a part of the journey with us, allowing us to introduce new businesses, products and services providing the best prices available worldwide.


Oz Beauty Quotes