Choose best Teeth whitening kits in the market

23rd January, 2017

A Complete Guide to Liposuction

1st December, 2015
Liposuction has been a widely used cosmetic surgery procedure in Australia since the late 1980s, giving patients the self-confidence that comes with looking and feeling beautiful both inside and out. The procedure permanently removes localised deposits of fat to reshape just about any area of your body and improve the curves of your legs, hips, waist, buttocks, abdomen, arms, chest, back, neck or chin.

A Complete Guide to Breast Implants

25th November, 2015
Breast augmentation or breast enlargement procedures are one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery in Australia. They are designed to enhance the size and shape of your breasts for a larger, shapelier and natural-looking bust. Popular with women from their 20’s right through to their 40s and 50s, a breast augmentation can boost your body image and self-confidence by complementing your natural curves and making you look and feel your best.

How-To: The Flawless Fake Tan

17th November, 2015
Summer is just weeks away, and you know what that means? Tanning season has arrived! The days of baking in the sun for hours on end has long been replaced with the delicate art of the perfect fake tan. Sunless tanning is the safer, healthier way of getting that golden, all-over glow, but doing it right can sometimes be an uphill battle. We’ve all seen pictures of the fake tan gone horribly wrong, and no one wants to hit the beach this season with a patchy, orange tan. The trick is to choose the right product, and apply it carefully.

Hair Extensions 101: Everything You Need to Know

11th November, 2015
Hair extensions have been used by everyone from supermodels to Red Carpet starlets, and are a fantastic way to get a little bit of help achieving your sought-after fantasy hair. The results will depend on the type of extensions you use and the method used to apply them, but with so many different ones to choose from, the world of hair extensions can be an overwhelming place. So here we’ve waded through all the information out there to put together everything you need to know about going longer, so that you can have the long luscious locks you’ve always wanted, without the wait!

As Seen On TV: The Hottest Celebrity Beauty Trends this Red Carpet Season

5th November, 2015
With summer making a welcome approach, it’s time to change up your look for the warmer months and introduce something new into your beauty repertoire. And where better to get your latest beauty inspiration from, than the trend-setting starlets on the Red Carpet? From supermodels Gigi Hadid and Miranda Kerr to our favourite songstresses Beyonce and Zendaya, we’ve seen some stunning hair and makeup trends this Red Carpet season – here’s our roundup of the best of the best, and all the tips and tricks you need to know to bring them to life at home!

How to Choose the Right Hair Salon

26th October, 2015
Finding the right hair stylist can be right up there with finding the right partner. Your relationship with your stylist requires just as much communication and trust, and if it goes wrong it can be just as embarrassing and expensive! So if you’ve just moved to a new city, or your hair is begging for a change, then it’s time to suss out local hair salons to find the perfect match.Here are our top tips for finding a hair salon and stylist that you’ll be more than happy to commit to.

The Perfect Bridal Makeup for Every Type of Bride

8th October, 2015
Deciding on your bridal makeup look for your big day can be tricky. You want something that expresses your own unique sense of style, without leaving you looking back at your wedding photos in ten years time wondering what on earth you were thinking when you chose that eye shadow! The trick is not to follow fleeting trends: bridal makeup should be simple and classic to stand the test of time. Keep reading to get some stunning bridal makeup inspiration for every type of bride – and don’t be afraid to put your own twist on a stylish look to create something that is uniquely, gorgeously you!

Natural Anti-Ageing Secrets

27th September, 2015
No matter how much we try and outsmart the clock, we’re all victims of ageing. We spend so much time and money trying to beat the effects of age, but ultimately the bottom line is this: growing older is inevitable and we need to embrace it! Ageing gracefully is not an unattainable goal. In actual fact, the best anti-ageing solutions are simple, 100% natural and right in front of us: it all comes down to living a healthy lifestyle. Here are the easiest, all-natural anti-ageing secrets everyone should know to keep your skin looking youthful, radiant and beautiful for longer. What’s your best-kept anti-ageing secret?

The Fine Art of DIY Hair Removal

17th September, 2015
With summer approaching, we’re once again being faced with one of the biggest beauty aggravations: getting rid of all that unwanted body hair! These days there are so many hair removal methods and techniques to choose from that it now goes far beyond the simple, trusty razor. And while most people have their tried and true approach, you may be surprised to find out that different methods actually work better on different areas and hair types.