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Breaking the 5 Biggest Myths about Botox

Breaking the 5 Biggest Myths about Botox


With the anti-ageing market in Australia booming, Botox, fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are becoming some of the most sought-after forms of cosmetic surgery in the country and around the rest of the world.

If you’ve been thinking about getting the treatment yourself, you need to make sure you have all the information. But with so many cosmetic procedure horror stories, rumours and fears swirling around the internet, we know how difficult it can be to separate the facts from fiction.  

So before you get caught up in all the doubts and misunderstandings, we’re busting the 5 most common myths about Botox treatments so you can get straight to the truth!


Myth #1: Botox freezes your face

We’ve all seen the pictures of Botox gone horribly wrong, turning the victim into an emotionless, expressionless zombie who can’t naturally smile or frown every again. But this isn’t the case at all!

When the treatment is done correctly by a skilled and qualified cosmetic physician, Botox actually enhances your facial expressions by relaxing the muscles where it’s injected and putting a stop to your skin creases and lines. It looks completely natural, and you can smile, frown and cry just the same as you had before.

The only difference is that there will be less furrowing in your brow, which means you’ll show fewer negative emotions. And studies have shown that the less anger and irritation you express, the less unhappiness you feel overall – which is a fantastic boost for your everyday happiness and wellbeing!


Breaking the 5 Biggest Myths about Botox


Myth #2: Botox is only for when lines and wrinkles start appearing

In recent years, preventative Botox treatments have become popular in young people in their early to late-20s. If you can get ahead of the game, you may be able to stop lines and wrinkles from forming later in your life when they are more difficult and take longer to smooth out.

Lines and wrinkles on your face are formed by the muscle movements to make certain facial expressions like frowning, squinting and raising your eyebrows. In a lot of cases, if you start Botox preventatively you will become more aware of your face and how your skin is likely to change as you age. You will also learn which expressions are contributing to your lines and can teach yourself to stop making them, or make them less often.

But of course, as Botox is a cosmetic procedure, it is not recommended for anyone under 18 years old. Always talk to a professional cosmetic physician about your individual circumstances before getting any sort of anti-wrinkle treatment. 


Breaking the 5 Biggest Myths about Botox


Myth #3: Once you get Botox, you can’t ever stop

Nope! Botox is not physically addictive at all, and there are no negative side effects to stopping your treatment whenever you want. No matter how long you’ve been receiving treatment for, if you stop getting Botox your skin will simply go back to the way it was before.

It’s not possible for your skin to sag, or your lines and wrinkles to get worse. Botox can’t leave any permanent marks, change the way your skin would naturally age, or cause your muscles to slacken.

It stops wrinkles from worsening for as long as you’re having the treatment, and if you stop then the relaxing effect on your muscles will eventually fade and your skin will just go back to naturally developing lines and wrinkles. There’s absolutely no need to worry about damaging side effects!


Myth #4: Botox is toxic and painful

Botox has been safely used in cosmetic procedures for more than 20 years, based on almost 40 years of careful studying and testing. The average dose for a cosmetic Botox treatment is harmless for your body – there have been over 16 million successful procedures performed around the world and no reported long term side effects, even among patients who received more than 30 injections in a short period.  

A respectable physician would never put something toxic or dangerous into your body, purely for appearances sake. Botox is administered in very small dosages, and it would take more than 100 times the average dose for it to be dangerous. Like any other medical or prescription drug, when administered correctly and by a specialist professional, Botox is perfectly safe. 

It also doesn’t hurt as much as you think! Botox is a quick and virtually painless procedure, often referred to as the ‘lunchtime injection’ because it can literally be done in the middle of the day and you can go right back to your normal routine afterwards. The sensation is similar to that of an ant bite, with a slight pinching feeling that lasts for just a few seconds.

Even the biggest needle-phobes shouldn’t have a problem handling the treatment. But if you’re worried, your physician can apply topical anaesthetic beforehand to numb the skin. 


Breaking the 5 Biggest Myths about Botox


Myth #5: Botox is only used for superficial reasons

Also not true! Botox has a number of non-cosmetic uses, and was actually initially developed to treat neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis and cerebral palsy.

It’s still frequently used to reduce muscle tension and create less strain on certain parts of your body, helping to treat a range of conditions like depression, migraines, chronic back and neck pain, teeth grinding, incontinence, strabismus, temporo-mandibular joint pain and movement disorders such as facial spasms, neck tremors and more. It has also been proven to help stop excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) by blocking the sweat glands.

And it can even help treat arthritis in pets! There are many different reasons people choose to use Botox, and not all are just for aesthetics.


And Remember…

The most important thing when getting any sort of Botox, filler or anti-wrinkle treatment is to find a skilled and reputable cosmetic physician that you can fully trust. Choose a professionally qualified practitioner who has experience and training, and always attend a consultation with them before you commit to the treatment to make sure you completely understand what the procedure involves, and that it is the right choice for you. 


Breaking the 5 Biggest Myths about Botox


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