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The Perfect Bridal Makeup for Every Type of Bride



Deciding on your bridal makeup look for your big day can be tricky. You want something that expresses your own unique sense of style, without leaving you looking back at your wedding photos in ten years time wondering what on earth you were thinking when you chose that eye shadow!

The trick is not to follow fleeting trends: bridal makeup should be simple and classic to stand the test of time.

Keep reading to get some stunning bridal makeup inspiration for every type of bride – and don’t be afraid to put your own twist on a stylish look to create something that is uniquely, gorgeously you!


The Classic Bride

If you’re a subtle, less-is-more type of girl, don’t feel like you have to make bold changes on your wedding day. Natural, bare-faced looks are timeless and eternally beautiful. 


Classic Brides


Keep your makeup light and simple by focusing on the lashes and lips, with subtly-lined eyes and a touch of pale pink blush. Or if you’re after a bit of sparkle, champagne or taupe eye shadow swept over your lids and inner eyes will give you a dreamy, wide-eyed look that will shimmer in the light as you dance the night away.


The Glamorous Bride

Looking for a bit more glitz and glamour on your wedding day? Glamorous bridal makeup looks can be both subtle and dramatic, so play around with a few different looks to find one that you love. 


Glamorous Brides


Bronze shades on your eyes, lips and cheeks will create classic Old Hollywood glamour, while heavily defined eyes and a dusty rose pout is a more delicate way of achieving a dramatic look. For the more adventurous, try pairing a bold, glossy lip and rich smoky eye for something a little more sultry and striking.


The Bohemian Bride

For the free-spirited boho bride, embrace soft makeup and light, feminine hues while experimenting with bold pops of colour. 


Bohemian Brides


A shimmering, neutral coloured eye shadow, soft rose blush and bright red pout will make your skin glow and give you a natural, dewy finish. Or keep your look more polished and precise without becoming too formal, by choosing a berry or dusty rose colour on your lids, lips and cheeks.


The Vintage Bride

Embrace your appreciation for an age gone by with vintage bridal makeup, by paying homage to your favourite era or putting a modern twist on a classic look. 


Vintage Brides


Go chic and stylish with a sharp, sleek cat eye and bright red lip with pink undertones, or pair long, look-at-me lashes with a coral lip colour for the ultimate in retro inspiration. Top it all off with warm, rose-toned blush and precise, super-defined brows to achieve a stunning vintage look without any of that dress-up party feel.


The Beach Bride

If you’re having a beach or outdoor wedding, your makeup needs to be light, fresh and simple to suit the more relaxed setting. 


Beach Brides


Opt for au natural by focusing on your eyes and keeping the rest of your face bare. Subtle eyeliner and mascara together with a perfectly matched bronzer and clear gloss is beautifully clean and simple, or if you want to go bolder try an ocean-inspired twist on smoky eyes by using a jade or turquoise eye shadow instead of grey or charcoal, to add some delicate colour and make your eyes the feature.   


And Finally…

Make sure you enlist the services of a professional! Your wedding photos will become a treasured heirloom that capture a very special moment in your life, and you want to be able to look back at them and reminisce without cringing at your poorly applied eyeliner or smudged lippy. 

A professional bridal makeup artist is an absolute necessity: they’ll be able to work off your inspiration and bring out your own individual style. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and tell them exactly what you think. After all, it’s YOUR special day and you deserve to look your absolute best!

So register with Oz Beauty Quotes today and we’ll put you in touch with the top bridal makeup artists in your area, for a stunning look from head to toe.