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The Best-Kept Supermodel Skincare Secrets

Believe it or not, it takes more than just good DNA for the world’s top supermodels to maintain their perfectly flawless and glowing skin! The fashion industry’s best of the best have a few clever tricks up their sleeves to preserve their amazing complexions; from sworn-by rituals and can’t-live-without products, to natural remedies straight from your kitchen cupboard.

Find out their top skincare tips and tricks, to achieve your own supermodel skin. And make sure you pass on any little-known skincare secrets of your own!


Karolina Kurkova

The Best-Kept Supermodel Skincare Secrets


Karolina swears by one of the simplest home ingredients for her morning skincare routine – lemon juice! “I squeeze a bit of lemon juice and wash my face with it. The acid kind of pulls everything out that wants to come out and dries everything out, so it’s not so glamorous, but you just shine!”

Something important to keep in mind though: the natural acids in lemon juice can irritate, especially if you have dry skin. You may want to try diluting it with water rather than applying it straight onto your face, and monitoring how your skin reacts.


Karlie Kloss

The Best-Kept Supermodel Skincare Secrets


As well as cleaning her face before and after she works out, Karlie likes to use Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. “I’m always shocked and horrified at all the junk in my pores.”

The best thing about this product? It’s quick, simple and super affordable. Use it once or twice a week instantly remove oil, dirt and blackheads and reduce the appearance of your pores. 


Adriana Lima

The Best-Kept Supermodel Skincare Secrets


Adriana loves coconut water and all-natural juices. “I drink at least one coconut water a day – it gives you that healthy, glowing skin. Juices with native fruits like acai and acerola are also amazing.”

Look for drinks that are made with organic ingredients, and with no added sugars or preservatives.


Shanina Shaik

The Best-Kept Supermodel Skincare Secrets


Aussie favourite Shanina Shaik has a surprising secret to keeping her skin super soft and silky. “Using Johnson’s Baby Oil straight out of the shower is really good. It stays in your skin for 24 hours.”

It also locks in about 10 times more moisture on wet skin than regular moisturising body lotion!


Kate Moss

The Best-Kept Supermodel Skincare Secrets


Kate is a big fan of ‘iceing’ to freshen up and invigorate her skin before she starts her day. “Get some ice, put it in the sink, put some cucumber in there too and stick your head in it. Apparently, it’s an old-school thing that Joan Crawford used to do. It really wakes you up.”

Just be prepared for a bit of a shock to your system when you first try this!


Nyasha Matonhodze

The Best-Kept Supermodel Skincare Secrets


Nyasha is a firm advocate for the ‘less is more’ principle. “The less product you put on your face, the better. I always use Dove bar soap and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter – I’ve been using them all my life.”

She washes her face before she goes to bed, and then applies the cocoa butter. “It smells absolutely amazing and it’s not too harsh on the skin.”


Allesandra Ambrosio

The Best-Kept Supermodel Skincare Secrets


Hydrating and moisturising is key to Allesandra’s skincare regime. “I try to keep my skin very hydrated with lots of moisturisers and face serums. I also always wear SPF to prevent wrinkles.”

“I also love fresh coconut water…Nothing is better for your skin than drinking a lot of water and green juices.”


Miranda Kerr

The Best-Kept Supermodel Skincare Secrets


Miranda credits the powerful antioxidants in Tahitian Noni Juice for keeping her complexion flawless and clear. But she has a few other tricks as well!

“Body brushing is very important. It detoxifies the system, gets the blood circulation going and is really re-energising. It’s one of my favourite rituals – I do it morning and night. I also love getting body scrubs, and I exfoliate my skin every second day.”


Mackenzie Hamilton

The Best-Kept Supermodel Skincare Secrets


Mackenzie has one of the easiest tricks to keeping her skin youthful and healthy – simply staying out of the sun! “I actually walk with a parasol – I really do! People think I’m a lot younger than I am, so I guess it works.”

But if a parasol isn’t something you can see yourself using every time you leave the house, at the very least make sure you apply a high SPF sunscreen daily. You only have one chance with the skin you have, so take good care of it!


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