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Winter Hair Trends: The Hottest Cuts and Colours of the Season

Winter Hair Trends: The Hottest Cuts and Colours of the Season


Are you looking to make a change this season? Pamper yourself with a new hairstyle and colour – it’s one of the easiest ways to update and refresh your look, and will leave you feeling like a whole new person.

We’ve scoured the Hollywood red carpet for the hottest hair trends this winter. And the biggest takeaways of the season? Warm colours, plenty of texture, and the shorter the better!

So pick your favourite and finish off this winter season with a bang! Here are the best of the best, and how to make it work for you at home.


Cut #1: The Bob, Short or Long

The bob (or lob = long bob) has been making a comeback for a little while now, but this winter is all about finding just the right length to perfectly flatter your face. From short, textured styles to long, layered or angled, this chic and elegant cut can be tailored to suit any face shape. 


Winter Hair Trends: The Hottest Cuts and Colours of the Season


When you visit your hair stylist, make sure you’ve got some pictures of the bob or lob styles you like. They’ll be able to advise you about which one will best suit your face.

An important note to keep in mind: some of these styles can be quite high maintenance. So if you’re not prepared to devote the time to a longer styling and maintenance routine, let your stylist know and they’ll be able to recommend a less complex variation.

And once you’ve got your perfect bob, check out this step-by-step video by Schwarzkopf on different ways to style it!


Cut #2: The Edgy Pixie

The normally sweet pixie cut has had a major reformation this season into something grungy and rebellious. Think shaved sides, spikes, and maximum texture and volume, for a super edgy look that also brings out the delicate lines of your neck, cheekbones and jawline. 


Winter Hair Trends: The Hottest Cuts and Colours of the Season


Our top styling tip: Apply your favourite volumizing spray or mist to your damp hair, then blow dry messily in several directions by shaping it with your fingers. Finish off by using a light wax to work through your hair, parting it to one side and then flipping it over in the opposite direction.

This will give you the perfectly unkempt, boyish look of Kristen Stewart and Keke Palmer above!


Cut #3: Full, Textured Layers

Get instant, natural volume and effortless bed hair with shorter, graduated waves that fall just below your collarbone. This length is ideal because it frames your face and softens your features, and is super easy to maintain. It works with both centre parts and side parts, and if you want something bolder then a fringe will do just the trick!


Winter Hair Trends: The Hottest Cuts and Colours of the Season


To style this cut, you can use a volumizing mist together with frizz control cream on damp hair, and twist your hair into a diffuser until it’s dry.

Or if you’d rather use a hair straightener, ghd shows you how to achieve the perfect amount of volume with this how-to video:


BONUS: The Perfect Fringe

Alexa Chung is a massive devotee to the fringe, and we’ve seen a bunch of other celebs following her lead this winter. A good fringe will work with any hair style and length, and is the easiest way to update your look if you don’t want a complete chop. 


Winter Hair Trends: The Hottest Cuts and Colours of the Season


We’ve yet to see a home fringe job that has turned out well, so it’s always best to visit your hair stylist to get the initial cut. They’ll be able to professionally style a fringe that suits your face and the hairstyle you have.

But once you’ve had it cut, it’s easy enough to keep it trimmed to the perfect length at home. This step-by-step video by Jamison Shaw Hairdressers shows you how to master the DIY fringe trim!


Colour #1: Warm Browns

Brighten and soften your face this winter with an all-over shine glaze and warm, golden highlights. This is a fantastic move if your brown hair is looking a little dull, or you’re looking to change up your hair colour from something lighter. 


Winter Hair Trends: The Hottest Cuts and Colours of the Season


The warmth of this shade is welcome in the colder months, and will bring life into any hair that’s lacking lustre and shine.

Our top tip: Like Miranda Kerr, ask for highlights that frame your face. It’ll instantly brighten and rejuvenate your look!


Colour #2: Dirty Blondes

If you’re going from brunette or dark blonde this season, take a leaf out of these celebs’ books by easing into a lighter, wheat blonde colour and embracing your darker roots. With hints of brown showing on top and underneath, you can also ask for warm caramel and butterscotch highlights blended through the length for a more natural-looking colour transition. 


Winter Hair Trends: The Hottest Cuts and Colours of the Season


This shade of blonde is super easy to maintain, especially compared to its bright platinum blonde counterpart.

We’d recommend keeping styling to a minimum, because dirty blonde really suits the unkempt, bed hair look. But make sure you ask your stylist for the best treatment to use, to keep the colour looking glossy and fresh all winter long.


Colour #3: Dark Highlights

This shade made a big appearance on the red carpet this season. Instead of going for an all-over dark hair colour, which can be quite harsh, try something a bit more subtle by breaking up the block of colour with chocolate brown highlights – it brightens and softens the severity of the dark colour, and adds layers of dimension. 


Winter Hair Trends: The Hottest Cuts and Colours of the Season


Dark highlights look most natural when they start mid-way down your hair and frame your face. Maintenance is a breeze too!


Which winter hairstyle is your favourite?

And now that you’ve picked your new look, it’s time to print off a picture and take it to a hair stylist near you. Oz Beauty Quotes can help you find the best ones in your area from our directory of certified professionals, to get your hair red-carpet ready!