N'tireBHC Beauty & Health Centre

N'tireBHC Beauty & Health Centre
Member since: May 2015

N'tireBHC (*Pronounced Entire*) Beauty and Health Centre 
We have been in business since 2010 and five years on we have established a clientele base which has over hundreds of loyal customers who use our service for maintaining their health, confidence and appearance. 

We also offer a full range of Beauty services as part of our professional services portfolio which can be viewed on http://ntirebhc.wix.com/home under Treatments or by sending us a message via Contact Us or Chat With Us, regarding a specific treatment.

Also offered by NBHC is a unique take on beauty which is known as Acu-Therapy which utilises a non-needle technique using applied pressure to stimulate certain areas around a specific area of the body to improve blood flow through the body and aid in relieving a variety of health problems and promote the body's natural self-curative abilities
Benefits of Acutherapy:
Releases tension, increases circulation, reduces pain
Release muscular tension
Promote circulation of blood
Enhance the body's life force energy to aid healing

To book your Teeth Whitening session please visit: http://ntirebhc.wix.com/home#!teeth-whitening-/c1iow
and using the Contact Us page let us know which service you would like and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

*Prices and Results may vary depending on patients initial consultation summary.


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