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Do you have a little mistake you wish you never had? Wanting a cover up or complete removal? Tattoos no longer have to be forever and the process to remove them shouldn’t be excruciating. We specialize in leaving your skin in the best condition it can be while removing your unwanted ink. Universal Tattoo Removal uses the latest Medical grade ND:Yag Q-Switch Laser, alongside the most advanced techniques in laser tattoo removal. Our certified technicians will give you the results you want and deserve.

  • All areas of the body can be treated
  • Non-invasive and Non-surgical procedure


About Tattoo Removal and What You Should Expect
The Q-Switch Nd:YAG is the gold standard for providing tattoo removal treatments. It offers greater safety and less risk of damaging the skin and causing undesired scars and pigmentation. It is also the most natural way to use the discard and repair functions that is already built into your skin.


How it works
To do this the Clinical Q-Switch laser delivers a shot of energy, that is only absorbed by the pigment. This absorption of the energy causes the pigment to shatter or spread out, allowing the body’s macrophages to clean up the foreign matter (the ink) and resulting in a lightening of the treated area.


Can I benefit from Laser Tattoo Removal?
Each tattoo is different; therefore removal techniques must be tailored to suit each individual case. Previously tattoos were removed with a variety of techniques, which in many cases caused unpleasant scarring. Now with technological advances in machinery and professional training techniques, these help to ensure client satisfaction and healthy skin post treatment.

If you have previously been treated for tattoo removal through other treatment methods or home remedies, providing your treatments did not result in excessive scarring, it is likely you will respond well to the Q-Switch techniques used today.


What can I expect during my Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment?
The number of treatments required to completely remove a tattoo can vary. This is dependent on size and the colour of your tattoo. Your tattoo could be removed In as little as 2-4 visits, though it may take as many as 10 more sessions. Your consultation with one of our trained professionals will help to give you a more advanced evaluation on this.

Treatment with the laser varies from each client, this depending on the age, size, and type of tattoo (amateur or professional). The colour of your skin, as well as the depth as to which the tattoo pigment extends, will also affect the removal technique.

Upon your treatment in the clinic you can expect;

  • To be given protective eye shields to wear throughout all times of treatment
  • Your skins reaction to the laser will be tested to best determine the most effective energy for treatment
  • The treatment itself consists of placing a hand piece against the surface of the skin and activating the laser.
  • Smaller tattoos require fewer pulses while larger ones require more. In either case, the tattoo requires several treatments and multiple visits. At each treatment you should begin to notice the tattoo becoming visibly lighter.
  • During treatment and after, a cryo cooling head which can be held by yourself or the laser technician can directly cool your skin, soothing the area which has been treated, which may feel hot, appearing red and slightly swollen. A topical antibiotic ointment and powder will be applied with a patch used to protect the sight while it is healing. The area should be well covered with sunblock 30+ resistant with vitamin E when out in the sun. This sunblock is available for purchase at Universal Tattoo Removal.


How long does a treatment take?
Treatment can take as little as 30seconds depending on the size and design of your tattoo. Simple tattoos with black shading and outlines will be removed the quicker then multicoloured tattoos.


What does it cost?
The cost of your tattoo removal treatment depends on the area and size of your tattoo. A FREE consultation with one of our trained Laser Technician Staff will assist in letting you know the best package suited to your individual needs.


How many treatments does it take to remove my tattoo?
The number of treatments required to fully remove a tattoo can never be guaranteed, however most clinical studies indicate that between six to ten treatments will see a full removal of the ink.

You may however find that because of your body is in good health and you have a strong immune system that treatment recovery is a lot quicker and fading of the tattoo may be to your satisfaction around four treatments.



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