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Hair & Eyelash Extensions

Oz Beauty Quotes give you the opportunity to find quality eyelash and hair extension and services across Australia with an easy three step process. We aim to offer quotes from the Gold Coast to Perth! We want to ensure that you have access to the right services as quick as possible.

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Hair Extensions

Professional hair extensions can be a fantastic addition to your natural style. Adding natural or synthetic hair extensions in your hair can instantly increase the length and thickness of your hair. Oz Beauty Quotes can help you find quality hair services and hair extensions in the Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney. Whether you are after synthetic clip-ins or a more permanent natural hair extensions Oz Beauty Quotes will provide you with 3 free quotes from local businesses in your area.

When looking for hair extensions you will have a few things in mind including price, quality, and type as well as the experience and reputation of the hairdresser. Oz Beauty Quotes makes it even easier for you to find the right services for you. Regardless of your location across Australia we aim to provide local business listings for all your hair extensions services.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a delicate process and require a professional hand. Eyelash extensions can add fullness and length to your existing eyelashes, negating the need for mascara or other eyelash products. These products are usually a semi-permanent service that takes time and care to apply.

Your eyes are major feature of your face and you want to ensure that whoever is applying your eyelash extensions has a professional understanding of the task. Price and level of experience are major factors when deciding where to go for your eyelash services. There are countless services available across Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney, Oz Beauty Quotes sift through the list for you. Oz Beauty Quotes can provide you with three local beauticians who have experience in eyelash extension services.

Once you receive the three quotes you can decide which of these you would like to take up. Whether you are looking for eyelash extensions in the Gold Coast, Sydney or Melbourne, Oz Beauty Quotes will help ensure you can make your choice in the most informed and simple way.