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Massages, Waxing & Spray Tanning

We all enjoy a bit of pampering so when we want to look and feel our best a massage, wax or spray tan can be a luxurious way to boost how you feel!

Oz Beauty Quotes offer a new and simple way to find the right services for you. We locate quotes from the Gold Coast to Melbourne to Sydney CBD, receive a reply from a participating business and choose whichever appeals to you and your needs and location.

Require a massage along the Gold Coast beach? Need a set of strong hands to massage your sore muscles? Oz Beauty Quotes can easily find a service for you. Our services allow you to easily find the right style of massage in your local area. Whether you are looking for a remedial massage or a simple relaxing spa treatment Oz Beauty Quotes will help you find the right service.

Waxing Sydney CBD and Beyond
Waxing is offered in many beauty salons but not all provide the services you require. Locate a profession waxing salon near you in a few simple steps and enjoy silky smooth skin as soon as possible. Asking friends for waxing referrals can become uncomfortable, stop sifting through countless online reviews and price lists and request a waxing quote today. Mobile treatments, beauty salons and dedicated waxing salons are located Australia wide and we offer you an easy way to find the right professional for you.

Spray Tanning
Oz Beauty Quotes can assist you in finding the right spray tanning services for you. From mobile-services to beauty salons, spray tans are offered in many locations. If you are heading north and want to find spray tans in the Gold Coast we can provide you with three quotes that suit your specific preferences. Spray tans are a great way to quickly achieve that great summer glow without exposing your skin to the harsh UV rays. Spray tans in the Gold Coast are a safe way to ensure you feel confident in your skin while enjoying your time on the beach.